Progress on construction sites is often hampered by the weather conditions in the colder months of the years. To minimise or even completely avoid additional work and the associated expenses, we use state-of-the-art electric heaters (up to 18 kW) to dry out the building shell anywhere within the Bad Kissingen, Bad Neustadt and Schweinfurt region.

This effectively prevents the risks associated with cold, such as

  • Frozen pipes, construction materials and machines
  • Insufficient curing of damp building materials and
  • Poor drying of plaster and screed.

Expertise you can rely on – Millers applies the best available solution to ensure your building shell will withstand even the hardest winter.

Drying buildings is one of the core activities we are involved in because freshly applied plaster, mortar and screed have very long drying times, which considerably delays the start of the next jobs in the building shell. We can help you achieve fast, uniform, gentle drying of all parts of the building. In this way, you save costs (reduction in heating costs by up to 300% in the first three years of living in the finished building if the walls are dried) and time (the building is completed that much quicker). In addition, during the building phase you can prevent consequential damage, such as mould, which all-in-all means you have a healthier house to live in.

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