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By applying non-destructive state-of-the-art technology, we are able to locate pipe ruptures and leaks inside your building in the Bad Kissingen, Bad Neustadt and Schweinfurt region very accurately. We are easy to talk to and work fast to solve problems when it comes to preventing damage, optimising expenditure and, in particular, providing help quickly. A key feature of our work in localising pipe damage is our ability to locate existing damage without causing more damage through coarse opening-up of pipework. Comprehensive documentation of the damage and its elimination is included in the costs.

The equipment we use for locating damage includes these

  • Thermographic cameras to make temperature differences visible
  • Endoscopic cameras for examining sewage pipes
  • Endoscopes for inspecting hollow spaces
  • Electro-acoustic apparatus for locating leaking pipes
  • Test gas and gas detectors for searching for leaks
  • Pipe detection equipment for locating water pipes and other lines
  • UV lamps and dyes to make even the smallest cracks visible
  • Moisture sensors for determining wall and floor moisture levels
  • Pressure gauges and hydrostatic test pumps for checking the water pressure in piping and
  • Special-purpose equipment and processes for non-destructive removal of tiles.

We will be pleased to advise you personally on the best materials and equipment to be used to repair your damage in the most suitable and efficient way.


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